There are very few things we agree on. Here's what we believe:

- Better Call Saul is the best series ever made. 

- Adding pure extracts from plants you’ve grown yourself truly makes a difference—if you're aiming to create an exceptional formulation.

- Quentin Tarantino deserves his freedom to include any bloodbath he so wishes.

- Production of skin care must not be outsourced.

- Always bring an electric guitar to work.

- Not taking care of our environment  is the same as not caring for our own selves.

- Beauty is awkward, honest, liberating, dusky, and imperfect. 

- Going home early to play with our dog is all we wanted.

- If everyone just watched a movie every night before going to bed, the world would be a better place.

- There's power in simplicity–pure ingredients, pure intentions, pure results.

- Fair skin is overrated but a fair mind is way more attractive and alluring.

- Read less, sure but always collect more books.

- Climate change will devastate us if we don't take action.

- Living near a mountain shows you what it is that you’re fighting for.

- There’s nothing more peaceful than sipping tea watching the spectacular golden sunsets of Dharamsala and catching peacocks flying through your fields.

- Struggles are welcome. They build character.

- Build a legacy that your children will be proud of.

You'll always find us in our lab.

Outsource skincare? No can do. We geek out in our labs to create conscious, effective skin care formulations. We love watching things grow—every time we harvest our herbs, we plant more. Being rooted in our identities which is inseparable from our lands, mountains and khads, makes us do wonderful things.