Building a Healthier Future for Our Children

True beauty starts from within and extends to the communities around us. In line with our commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development, we recently undertook a significant project to renovate the toilets in a local school in Malan, Himachal Pradesh. 

 Why This Project?

Access to clean and functional sanitation facilities is a fundamental right that many children in rural areas lack. Poor sanitation not only affects health but also impacts attendance and academic performance, especially for girls.

By renovating the toilets in this school, we aimed to:

- Improve Health and Hygiene: Reduce the risk of waterborne diseases and infections.

- Enhance Attendance and Participation: Create a comfortable environment for students, particularly girls, leading to better school attendance.

- Promote Dignity and Well-being: Provide students with a clean and safe space, contributing to their overall well-being and dignity.

The renovation project included:

- Water Tank Supply and Drainage: Setting up a water tank to ensure a reliable water supply and efficient drainage system to maintain hygiene.

- Hygiene Education: Educating students and staff on the importance of hygiene and proper use of facilities.

The renovated toilets have made a significant difference in the lives of the students and the broader community. Here are some of the impacts noticed within 3 months of the project completion:

- Health Improvement: Noticeable reduction in absenteeism due to illness.

- Increased Attendance: Especially among girls, who now feel more comfortable attending school regularly.

- Enhanced Learning Environment: A cleaner and healthier environment that supports better learning outcomes.

The Impact

Priya,Student (Class 8th)

"I used to miss school during my periods because the toilets were in such bad condition. Now, with the new facilities, I feel comfortable and safe. I don't have to worry anymore. I don't miss classes during those days of the month anymore."

DivyaStudent (Class 10th)

"I used to feel embarrassed and hesitant to use the school toilets. Now, the clean and new facilities make me feel proud of my school. I can focus on my studies without any worries, and I look forward to coming to school every day."

Mr. Sharma,Principal

"The renovation of the toilets has brought a significant change to our school. Attendance has improved, especially among the girl students and the children are more focused on their studies. We are grateful for the support."