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Rita is the heartbeat of our hydration station! Whether you're craving a morning coffee, a soothing afternoon tea, or anything in between, Rita ensures your cup is never empty. She's the magic behind our endless flow of caffeine and calm, keeping us all fueled and refreshed throughout the day. Our hydration hero! ☕🍵✨


Lopamudra journeyed all the way from the vibrant lands of Orissa to the serene beauty of Himachal, making it her home away from home. Our go-to guru for Quality Control, she rigorously tests each product as per BIS and protocols, batch after batch, to ensure it meets the highest Quality Control and Microbiology standards. 🔬✅ 🏭😊


Meet Ritu, our inventory wizard who keeps a tight rein on all things herbs and raw materials. From cataloging the daily arka extracts from herbs to ensuring they're production-ready, Ritu's meticulous attention to detail keeps our potions and lotions brewing smoothly. fficiencies in our herbal haven. Here's to Ritu, our keeper of herbal catalogs! 🧪✨🌿

Current Openings

Passionate about Formulating, Legal/Compliance, Production?

Position: Production Chemist

Location: Palampur, India


Job Type: Full-time


As a Production Chemist at Nesta Botanicals, you will play a pivotal role in our manufacturing process, combining the principles of Ayurveda with advanced chemistry to produce high-quality skincare products. You will be responsible for ensuring that all products meet our rigorous standards of efficacy, safety, and sustainability.

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Consistent. Stable. Always.

From high-shear mixers that blend like there's no tomorrow to automated filling lines that never spill a drop, every step in our process is engineered for a high-quality delivery. What's more, some really awesome women pilot these machineries!